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Chronicles from the Long Apocalypse: Book One


Berserkers can be anyone. Your mother. Daughter. That cute barista at Starbucks. You could even be one yourself, and not know it – until you wake up covered in blood, surrounded by the bodies of your victims.

Humanity is self-destructing and the monsters hiding within us are now tearing their way out. Emmett Kessler must escape the prison cell he’s been left to die in. His daughters, Jennifer and Bobby-Leigh, must escape the wrath of a merciless soldier, after Jennifer berserks out and rips apart the battle-hardened man’s son.

Chronicles from the Long Apocalypse: Book Two


Reincarnation, the second installment in Chronicles of the Long Apocalypse, picks up with the Kessler sisters in Fairfield, Iowa as they join Anoona’s crew and defend thier uncle’s farm against the army of blood pirates pursuing them.

All the while, their father, Emmett, still in the custody of Black Jesus, travels to Texas only to discover that the world hasn’t quite ended just yet after all, and that by the Grace of God, berserkers can be cured, and the man he’s set his heart on killing cannot die.

A Short Story from the Long Apocalypse

The Shibuya Incident

Witness the most notorious berserker event in the history of the Long Apocalypse from the inside.

Aomori didn’t know what was inside him. He thought being a pervert was his worst secret, but he was wrong.

In a few hours, he would be responsible for the deaths of thousands. And by morning, he’d be the poster-child for the end of the world.

This is your chance to find out what the hell actually happened in Shibuya, Japan!


Benjamin Wilkins worked in the film and television industry in Los Angeles for over a decade. Then he had a kid and more or less turned his back on the Hollywood scene.

Now he writes in Sedona, Arizona, where he lives with his wife, son and two pugs.

Transcendence is his first published novel.

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