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Reincarnation – Chronicles from the Long Apocalypse: Book Two

“Great character development in a rollicking good story…”

Berserkers, as we now know, can be anyone. Your sister. Boyfriend. The cocky barista at Starbucks. You could even be one yourself and have no idea—until you wake up wrapped in the guts of the cute guy who was just sitting next to you.

But in this world, there are worse things to be…

Reincarnation, the second installment in Chronicles of the Long Apocalypse, picks up with the Kessler sisters in Fairfield, Iowa as they join Anoona’s crew and defend thier uncle’s farm against the army of blood pirates pursuing them. All the while, their father, Emmett, still in the custody of Black Jesus, travels to Texas only to discover that the world hasn’t quite ended just yet after all, and that by the Grace of God, berserkers can be cured, and the man he’s set his heart on killing cannot die.

Welcome back to the long apocalypse. Grab a couple of drinks and claim your spot on the sofa. The end of world still has a long way to go…

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