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Chronicles from the Long Apocalypse: Book Two

Percent Complete

What happens in book two?

Honestly, I don’t really know. Until it comes out on the page I can’t ever be completely sure what’s going to happen. When I am in the flow, my writing is really just recording what the characters are thinking and doing. Sure I can push them around a little bit, but ultimately they show me what the story is, I don’t show it to them.

Still, you can expect to see a few things:

  • The battle between Anoona’s people and the Blood Pirates will definitely devastate both sides. Brennacheke senior will probably die, but if he lives it will be because Jennifer Kessler forces him to swap blood with her. We’ll just have to see what she wants to do…

  • The Kessler sisters will probably survive (Bobby-Leigh will for sure) and they’ll probably head east to find out what happened to their father, but that reunion won’t happen until the next book at the earliest – Emmett and Black Jesus have a lot to work out before the father can be reunited with his girls.

  • The bulk of Book Two’s story will most likely take place in Austin (in the same way the bulk of Book One took place in Fairfield) and after the apocalypse Austin will have most likely reverted back to its wild west roots. Chances are it’ll be pretty obvious by the time we get to the end of this 2nd installment that I loved the old HBO show Deadwood.
Had to kind of nail down the series a little bit and I do that by playing with cover design.
These may or not end up being the final covers, but I’m feeling good with concept of 4 books — ala the four horsemen. With each book having a photo of a main character from the series…

Can you guess who each one is/will be? You’ve met them all if you’ve made through the first book.

But that is all I am going to say about that at this time.

Book two, has gotten a little more fleshed out in my head now… You can probably expect some crazy nanotechnology and some even crazier religious zealotry once we get to the lone star state.

“Don’t mess with Texas…” is it going to be a warning or a challenge for Emmett and Black Jesus?

I might even have found a way to toss some zombies into the fray. Zombies like you’ve never seen them before – or at least like I’ve never seen them before…

Well, I thought I was going to take a break from this series and write a pallet cleaner book… but as I learn more and more about the marketing tactics of indie authors, it seems like I might be better getting book 2, and maybe even book 3, in the Long Apocalypse done before I do anything else.

So with that in mind, I’ve officially started outlining “Reincarnation” and will probably get to the actual writing of it in the beginning of the new year.

If everything stays on track, I’ll hopefully have it out by this time next year.

Now that the first book in the series is FREE. The pressure is on to get this next one done.

I’ve gotten about 30,000 words written, and WOAH… even I’m excited to find out what happens next in it.

Okay, so…

The first book in the series is not free anymore… sorry folks.

But the good news is that this one is going to the editor in a few weeks!

And the whole series is getting some cover upgrades…

Danse Macabre

(formerly entitled Entropy)

Percent Complete

I need to clean my palate before I can get back into the long apocalypse. Writing Entropy is going to be a refreshing break from berserkers… Or so I hope.

This story was originally written back in my hollywood days as a screenplay that never found its way into production. But I love the story so much that when I was thinking about what to do between CLA books, I just couldn’t let these characters get left wasting away in some dusty desk drawer.

Entropy is the story of two brothers on their own after the tragic death of their parents. The older brother – Hugh – is an extremely intelligent college boy, or at least he was until schizophrenia suddenly poked its ugly head into his life and forced him to drop out.  And then, just as he was getting himself back on his mental feet – so to speak – his parents died in a freak car accident and he now finds himself solely responsible for his younger brother, Ashton.

Hugh must keep himself from losing his grip on what is real what is not, as he struggles with the reality of his new responsibilities. But unfortunately for these brothers and everybody around them, the dark forces that are haunting Hugh this time are NOT just in his head.

I love the concept of an unreliable narrator. One of my favorite films is Alfonso Cuaron’s adaptation of Great Expectations, simply because of the line: “I’m not going to tell the story the way it happened. I’m going to tell it the way I remember it.” Too bad Cuaron himself hates the film so much! But what can you do? Sometimes even the artists themselves are not the ones who can appreciate the value of their own work.

Anyway, in this book Hugh can’t trust what he sees and neither should the reader…

This book is still very high on my To Be Written list… but alas… The Long Apocalypse will have to get much further underway before I can focus on it again.