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Works in Progress


Chronicles from the Long Apocalypse: Book Three

Percent Complete

This is probably the last book in the series… It might have a fourth one, but if I do write another after this, it will jump way ahead in time after society is put back together… just so I can break it again one last time.

Book Three will see the girls and their dad reunited at last… I don’t know the how’s and the why’s yet, but I do know that Jen IS actual pregnant and will be the first berserker to carry a child to term.

Today, I’m thinking about titles – so far I like “Enlightenment” but I am also looking into non Judeo-Christian equivalence of something like “Benevolence” or “Absolution.”

Danse Macabre

Percent Complete

Two more chapters to go in the first draft… already working on the cover design.

Check it out:

Fukusawa Deviations (a novella)

Percent Complete

As I write Danse Macabre, I am realizing I will need another “reader magnet” for novels outside of the Long Apocalypse.

Enter Fukusawa Deviations – half speculative fiction romance and half steampunk horror.

The story goes like this:

Two chemists are working to understand their observation that the individual atoms making up molecules do not just randomingly bond with each other, but instead always seem to try to bond with the same individual atoms they were originally connected to (if they can) – as if they somehow “mate for life.”

Of course our chemists are in a messy on and off again relationship. So, when one of them, Ken Fukusawa, finally proposes to the other, Grace Fitzgerald, he discovers that she has already accepted the proposal of her current boyfriend and their boss.

Ken knows very well that Grace is just settling for security and that she doesn’t have anywhere near the depth of feeling for the boyfriend as she does for him, but he can’t convince her to believe in his love for her after so many breakups.

Frustrated and angry, he storms off and immediately gets into a horrible motorcycle accident that leaves him in a coma and probably paralyzed as well.

Grace’s devotion to him while he is hospitalized erodes away her relationship with her fiance, while Ken finds himself locked away inside his own damaged mind in a surreal steampunk nightmare where his fight to recover has become an actualized fight to the death against splinters of his own personality.

I’m excited about it. I have a secret love for steampunk worlds and so far this has been a lot of fun to work on…